We pride ourselves on excellent customer service before and after every purchase.

If you require any help or advice please give us a call on
0845 006 1434 or send an email to info@1st4limosales.com


We pride ourselves on excellent customer service before and after every New and Used vehicle purchase you make with us. Remember its not just about the vehicle, we are always available to help whatever the problem or requirement you may have.

Free of charge for purchasers of a 1st4Limosales limousine
Business Tools

Support – Web site
We build a new, dynamic web site for you, targeted for your own geographical location. The website comes complete with a management tool that enables you to update your website with new content, pictures etc whenever you want.

Support – Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
When we have produced your website, we use our very own search engine optimisation Prowebdirect Ltd to optimise your website and so push it up the search engine rankings for the target key words you are looking for. Once established, we keep you there.

Support - Genuine lead generation (1) Limo Hire Directory
We own the title name Limohire.co.uk. this is a very powerful domain name within our industry. From this we have created a consumer friendly National limo hire directory that brings the consumer & operator together transparently and without any brokerage fees. We will place your website into our directory free of charge for your geo area.   

Support – Genuine lead generation (2) 1st Event Limousines
Our principle limo hire company has been in operation for 12 years and generates a huge volume of hire enquiries, as we do not cover the whole country, we pass on any hire requests we receive for your geographic area directly to you. We do not charge any fees for this service. (unlike a broker!)

Support – Limo hire booking system
We provide you with a copy of our “Events at-a-Glance” computerised booking system so that you have a 100% track of what is happening with which limo and when.  This helps you to maximise the use of your limousine and so generates more revenue. This system even generates booking forms & Invoices – all at the touch of a button.  We know it works – we designed it and we use it!

Support – Corporate ID / Other marketing strategies.
We have 12 years of operation within the limousine hire business. We don’t profess to know all the answers, but we do know where we went wrong! By helping you establish your company, and by guiding you through ALL the aspects of running a successful limousine hire company.

Icon Illusion 120 stretch Chrysler 300 stretch Limousine

Our Icon Illusion Limousines are built by Executive Coach of Springfield, Missouri. Executive Coach (ECB) is regarded as the finest builders of stretch limousines in the world.1st4Limosales Ltd have exclusive World rights to market this vehicle.

Grand Illusion Limo Cruiser

Our 16 passenger Grand Ilusion Limo Cruiser is built in the UK by award winning Stanford Coachworks of Stanford Le Hope, Essex. Stanford are regarded as the finest builders of welfare buses in Europe. 1st4limosales Ltd has exclusive rights to market this vehicle throughout the world.

Support – Your Limousine is produced by Executive Coach (ECB) and comes with their exclusive full internal Limousine aspect warranty.

 Support – Your new limousine comes with either a two or three year full warranty supplied by UK based Motorcare policies.

Support – The first service is completed by us, making sure any teething problems are dealt with immediately and efficiently.

Support – your limousine is legally registered to carry fare-paying passengers. We will help you with the licencing of your company, your Chauffeurs

Support – finance
We work with you to help obtain the most favourable rates available.

Support – insurance
We help you to be certain you have the right insurance for your specific needs.

Support – limousine quality
Your limousine is completely PDI’ed, tested and professionally prepared prior to collection.

2 Year Full parts and Labour Warranty

REMEMBER: Imported American vehicles are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.1st 4 Limo sales has teamed up with Motorcare Warranties Ltd in order to provide our customers with one of the best warranties available for American vehicles. Completly put together with the Limousine Owner/Operator at heart, our Two Year full warranty is guarenteed to give you the peace of mind you need from your investment.

Our partnership with Motorcare Warranties Ltd is committed to providing fully underwritten warranties, which are 100% covered by a licenced insurer. If you require further details than what is posted in this website, please apply in writing to The Administration Sept, Motorcare Warranties Ltd, Motorcare House, The Gables, Commercial Street, Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan, CF6 1RB.

New Vehicle Platinum Cover Plan: This warranty is designed to give you continual motoring protection and we want to make sure that you are fully satisfied with your vehicle during your period of ownership.You must remember to have your vehicle regularly serviced in accordance with the service requirements of this warranty.

This warranty covers all of the parts, except those listed for mechanical breakdown and the associated labour, up to the limit specified on the policy schedule but subject to any lower limits applicable to a particular part. Claims must be made in accordance with the claims procedures, terms and conditions which is available in the brochure. Claims must be made in accordance with the claims procedures, terms & conditions as described in the booklet and on this site.



Componants Not Covered by this Warranty:

* All bodywork & trim, seat belts, glass, sunroof panels, fuel tank, wheels & tyres, hinges, brake facings, seized calipers.


*HT leads, spark plugs, filters, wiper blades, lights & bulbs, belts, wiring looms, glow plugs

* Exhaust manifold, exhaust system, brackets, mountings & hoses, water ingress, cables,worn or leaky seals & cylinders

* Battery

* LPG Conversions

* Componants that have failed as a result of correct oil levels not being maintained.


In~Car Entertainment sytems. Please note that these items will be covered up to 25% inc vat, of your claimlimit on original manufacturers equipment ONLY, up to a maximumof 500.00

Air Conditioning and Climate control systems. Please note that these items will be covered up to a maximum of 40% inc Vat of your claim limit, up to a maximum of 500.00

Heated Windscreen & Heated rear windows Please note that these items will be covered up to a maximum of 250.00 inc Vat. Breakage or accidental damage is excluded.

ADDITIONAL COVER AVAILABLE Provided an extra premium has been collected we will provide cover on the vehicles catalytic convertor