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In this clip, Dr. David Sinclair and co-host Matthew LaPlante discuss Spermidine role in autophagy and it’s control of changes to the epigenome, as well as the AMPK activator Metformin and Berberine as a way to control blood sugar levels.

The Sinclair Lab website:
Nicotinamide riboside is well-tolerated in humans: Nicotinamide riboside is a sirtuin-activator:
Mice treated with nicotinamide riboside are longer-lived: Nicotinamide riboside protects mice against obesity:
An inflammatory signature is attenuated by nicotinamide riboside: Nicotinamide riboside, pterostilbene, and ALS:
Nicotinamide mononucleotide combats diabetes in mice:
Aging is slowed by nicotinamide mononucleotide:
Nicotinamide mononucleotide in prediabetic women:
NAD and cancer in mice:
Resveratrol protects mice against a high-calorie diet:
Resveratrol in patients with type 2 diabetes:
Supplementing resveratrol in metabolic syndrome patients:
Fisetin enhances longevity in mice:
Quercetin and fatty liver disease:
Dasatinib and quercetin decrease senescent cell burden:
Mice fed rapamycin late in life live longer:
Spermidine induces life extension and cardioprotection in mice:
Spermidine and older subjects with cognitive decline:
Healthspan and lifespan in mice are improved by metformin:
Metformin, age-related diseases, and mortality:
Targeting aging with metformin (TAME) trial:
Treating mice with berberine extends lifespan:
Lifespan in fruit flies is prolonged by berberine:
Berberine and metabolic disorders: C

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