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[00:00:01] Hey gang, this is doctor, you and I want to do a quick video on a product I’ve been using,
[00:00:05] which is which is called quercetin, you can see that in quercetin is one of the most powerful
[00:00:10] antioxidants that you can have. So if you having GI problems, inflammation, [00:00:15] fibromyalgia, even brain fog, you want to start using quercetin. I got this [00:00:20] on Amazon here in bulk. I probably take about a half a tablespoon every single day.
[00:00:25] Let me show you the inside of it here. You can see how it’s a yellow orange powder.
[00:00:30] And I put this in my IV drip. I have videos, an IV drip, but
[00:00:35] it’s a very, very powerful protocol. Any time you do an IV drip, which is basically sipping
[00:00:40] this product a whole entire day. So if you like this video, give me a thumbs up. Subscribe to my station and let
[00:00:45] me guys doctor you.

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