06-06-22 Mon. ‘Elliot’ Page, Invasion, Disney Proposal, Pride Whopper

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Censored pics of “Elliot” Page. Invasion by migrant males (but media highlights a female)! Disneyland marriage proposal interrupted!
0:00:00 Mon, Jun 6, 2022
0:02:37 Hey, guys!
0:04:03 Ellen ‘Elliot’ Page
0:13:41 RICHARD, NC: Evil ACLU CA law
0:24:32 Super: Mental Health, 2A, Juno movie
0:27:24 Border Crisis mishandling
0:36:51 TONY, CA: Conspiracy in Buffalo
0:44:41 Supers for TONY: Corrections
0:46:34 Supers: ‘Elliot’, Migrants, Patent
0:49:58 Pronounce Uvalde, per NPR
0:58:05 Music intro: The Hidden Cameras
0:58:48 “The Animals of Prey” – The Hidden Cameras
1:01:48 Reading chat
1:03:57 Marriage proposal at Disneyland Paris
1:16:15 SHANE, NEWFOUNDLAND: Theft, Assault
1:20:53 Super: Marriage doomed, Newfoundland
1:22:25 JUSTIN, CA: Bilderberg meetings
1:28:55 Bilderberg meetings info
1:33:01 JOHN, KY: Swarthy, truth, South Africa
1:40:21 Supers: Azzmador corrects John
1:42:14 RICK, ME: Kool-aid, fertilizer, invasion
1:46:19 JUSTIN, AZ: Bad connection!
1:47:00 JEFF, LA: Talking to unite the races
1:50:52 Burger King Pride Whopper
1:56:22 Thanks, all!
1:57:01 “Inspired” – Neffex

The Hake Report, Monday, June 6, 2022 AD: Firefox’s Pocket: Esquire Magazine features Ellen “Elliot” Page — the world’s most famous “trans man.” Nooooo! // Migrant invaders coming to the border, 250,000 on ankle bracelets and Biden phones! Mostly men in the largest caravan ever, but The Guardian features a woman! // NPR talks about how to pronounce “Uvalde”! // Viral video: Marriage proposal at Disneyland Paris is interrupted by an employee who takes the ring and beckons them off-stage! // INTERESTING CALLS: California law, Buffalo inventor conspiracy, Bilderberg group, “swarthy,” and race relations (SEE BELOW) // Burger King Pride Whopper, so wrong! //

MUSIC: “The Animals of Prey” – The Hidden Cameras – The Smell of Our Own (2003, Rough Trade) // “Inspired” – Neffex – YouTube Audio Library (Chris selection) //

Richard in NC laments poor, misguided education, demented Joe Biden, and a bill CA Senate passed! //
Tony in CA says the Buffalo grocery shooting offed a black inventor of a water-powered truck! //
Shane in Newfoundland, Canada describes how he’d handle the presumptuous Disneyland employee. //
Justin in CA talks about the Bilderberg meetings, AJ, his mother, and books vs. Internet! //
John in KY likes the Benjamin Franklin quote mentioning Swarthy; he says whites are 2% world pop! //
Rick in ME passionately expresses irritation at the invasion, plus the suckers drinking the Kool-Aid BS! //
Justin in AZ has a bad phone connection; try again! //
Jeff in LA had a talk with a black guy, and thinks we could all come together. //


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