11 Marketing Strategies For Limousine Companies To Increase Sales Super Fast

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Okay people today we’re going over 11 marketing strategies for limousine companies I’ll stay to the end make sure you have a notepad cuz you’re going to hear some unbelievable s*** today that will take your limousine company from 0 to 6 figures per month opening up multiple locations things you never dream will happen in less than a year yes I can guarantee this if you follow the steps that I am about to give you so stay tuned and brace yourself alright so as I said there are 11 steps to be able to double your profit margins for your Limousine Company steps better marketing so just make sure you’re paying attention I used to have your pens and pads or a notepad open on your computer to take notes don’t just watch this like it’s a movie you want to take action when you’re done watching it you want to do this do exactly what I’m going to tell you to do if you can’t do it yourself hire somebody to do it hi see if you can hire me you might not be able to afford me but just see if you can hire me I have a link in the description where you can set up an appointment to talk to me and we’ll discuss if you’re worthy okay but for now just learned don’t worry about spending money just learned okay so step one 1 step one is you want to the traveling billboard into your marketing reason why there’s going to be kind of difficult for you to do is because I’m the one that invented the traveling billboard method now what is that I want you to think of the the psychology behind a billboard all right let’s look up some billboards so I agree with this the psychology behind a billboard is that be right in front of your customers right in front of people that can book a limo for you but will a traditional billboard work for a limousine company know that would be the most horrible marketing strategy of all time for a limousine company okay but you do want to take the thinking of that and combine it with something else totally different so yes this is big is in your face and it’s hard not to see it but the problem is very fast you only have 3 seconds to collect the information on it unless you want to crash or something like that it leaves your mind unless you have somebody else in the car write it down it is not a good method of marketing their boards suck so what let’s go to Vegas taxi all right Vegas taxi so as you can see this is closer to it this is closer to they have the thinking they is a billboard and it is traveling but this is not what I am talking about but it is closed so the reason why the billboard on a cap is because they’re going all around the city they want their message to go all around the city and so do you are you getting what I’m where I’m going with this all right I’m going to keep going so we don’t want the big billboard on the side of the highway right don’t want to put these Billboards on top of our limousines when I messaged to go around the city alright well I’m the suspense and just tell you guys what is about have you guys ever heard of Beacon marketing technology all right if not then you’re in for a treat okay so a beacon is a small device kind of look like the one right here you can be the size of the end of your thumb very small it can fit on a keychain or whatever so this takes place what this does is sends a signal out alright so of anybody with a cell phone laptop or iPad connected to the internet or Wi-Fi Bluetooth come within a footballs reeds device right here they will get a message on their the on their Internet devices what that message can say is up to you whatever limousine special you have or whatever that’s what will pop up on a phone reprogram the beacons to say I’m waiting for you outside so we will send them in the richest neighborhood just ride around in those neighborhoods the signals will travel inside of the buildings of these businessmen they will get to notification on their phone saying that their limo is waiting for them outside and they literally just come out the building and hop into the limousines I’m right sounds awesome so the thinking of a billboard and we put it into Vehicles this takes place of that big billboard that we saw on the road that Beacon that I just showed you takes place of this and the cars travel around the neighborhood will be traveling around to The Ridges parts of the city literally collecting leaves rich people from the airport and driving them to hotels all right step 1 what is step two step2 is joint venture creations how it is before new Creations marketing strategies for limousine companies, limo leads, limo marketing, how to marketing a limousine company, limousine marketing plan, limousine consultant, roi genie marketing specialist, Limousine Marketing: How To Grow Your Limo Business, limo profits, ,

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