12. Designing the shed’s exterior, incredible concrete floor test, van fix, buying external wrap

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We had been busy the past couple of weeks, in this episode we design the shed’s exterior, do a concrete floor test with incredible results, fix our camper van, and drive all the way North to buy the external wrap.

Eugenia’s Epic Film: 4

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► Structural Kit – t
► MHC Compost Toilet Design Kit – c
► MHC Floating Desk Design Kit – t

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00:00 intro, family morning walk + preparation talk
02:35 designing the shed’s exterior wrap
09:44 final concrete works
16:00 incredible concrete floor test
18:00 fixing the van
22:58 road trip to buy the workshop wrap
27:30 offloading the material
33:05 workshop’s exterior cladding reveal

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