16 Year Old Elvis Presley Tribute Artist Matt Stone; Long Black Limousine Elvis Week 2019

Hey, I’m Elvis Tribute Artist Matt Stone, and this song is from my favorite album “From Elvis In Memphis!” Elvis was at the peak of his abilities in this album, his look was great, his voice was great, and his song choice was perfect! He was recapturing that early magic by recording in Memphis again, and going back to his roots, turning country songs to blues, or blues songs to country. Long Black Limousine is the perfect blend of country, soul, blues, pop, and even a little gospel passion influence! It really has it all, and it’s truly a remarkable performance by the one and only King of Rock ‘n’ Roll: Elvis Aron Presley. As my final song in the Images of The King competition in Memphis, I chose to sing this song, to commemorate his life and legacy. Hope I did it justice for you, hope you enjoy!
Matt Stone

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Video by Betty Rosenblatt

There’s a long line of mourners
Driving down our little street
Their fancy cars are such a sight to see, oh yea
They’re all rich friends who knew you in the scene
And now they’ve finally brought you
Brought you home to me
When you left you know you told me
That some day you’d be returnin’
In a fancy car, all the town to see, oh yea,
Well now everyone is watching you
You finally had your dream, yea
You’re ridin’ in a long black limousine
You know the papers told of how you lost your life, oh yea
The party, the party and the fatal crash that night
Well the race along the highway, oh the curve you didn’t see
When you’re riding in that long black limousine
Through tear filled eyes I watch as you pass by oh yea
A chauffeur, a chauffeur at the wheel dressed up so fine
Well I never, I never, never, never
Oh my heart, all my dreams yea, they’re with you
In that long black limousine
Yea, yea, they’re with you in that long black limousine
Yea, yea, they’re with you in that long black limousine

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