19 Super Affordable Digital Marketing Tools

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“Do you guys use this tool?”

That’s a question we often get from our clients.

They’re always wondering which online marketing tools we use to build out our funnels, landing pages, emails…

And of course, a top consideration is always (especially now): cost.

“Which tool will get the job done well—AND not cost me an arm and a leg?”

Luckily there are a decent number of affordable digital marketing tools. Many are even free or ½ the cost of current tools you might be using now.

Because when you sign up for the right tool, yes, you’ll get more leads and sales, but you’ll save at least $1,133 per month.

Of course, there are other factors to consider here—features, time, ease of use…

But if you’re wondering which tools we use, recommend, AND that will save you a bundle, then this curated list will help.

Here’s a preview of what I’m giving you today…

– 17 affordable marketing tools you can switch to today to save money.

– Successful case studies of companies that have used these same tools to get awesome results.

– The lowest prices you’ll ever find (some of them are even free or start at $1.65/mo), and…

– How and when to use them at each stage of your funnel.

Let’s start reviewing the tools, save you some ca$h, and pump up your sales funnel ?

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