1950 Chrysler Imperial Limousine Movie Mogul Louis B Mayer

This 1950 Chrysler Imperial Limousine was owned by movie mogul Louie B Mayor and is an incredible piece of movie history. This is the car that picked him up after being fired by MGM studios in the early 50’s. After several visits to William Hearst’s “Hearst Castle” he decided that the car needed more power. He sent it back to the dealer and had a larger motor installed, the early Hemi. Subsequently the brakes had to be replaced as the old drums just would not stop this “lead sled” so disc brales were installed.

I have contacted Mr. Mayer’s grandson, Daniel Selznick, whom shares his wonderful stories of riding to the Hollywood Bowl in this car with his late grandfather. Car will include a letter of authentication from Mr. Selznick and service department folder from the dealer bearing Mr. Mayer’s name. We are currently working with Hollywood archivists to secure more information to include with the car.

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