1959 Mercedes-Benz 300d Adenauer Limousine W189 big and beauty

In August 1957 a profoundly revised version of the 300 models was presented, which, technically as well as regarding its exterior, was clearly different from its predecessor. The design number W 189 denoted a new construction with its own series for the model 300 d. Yet the similarities to the 300c are obvious. The drive train and chassis were taken over from the predecessor, but only the long version with a wheelbase of 3150 mm was used. The most important technical advance was that the fuel/air mixture was no longer supplied by a carburetor but by intermittent inlet manifold injection. In combination with higher compression, this resulted in an output of 160 hp. The 300 d was supplied with the “Detroit-Gear” automatic transmission as standard equipment but on request, the manual transmission was also available. From March 1958 ZF Saginaw power-assisted steering could also be ordered (but not in combination with manual transmission). From December 1958 Behr air-conditioning was available, making the 300 d the first Mercedes-Benz car to have this option. The body of the 300 d was modernized, especially regarding the roof and rear; through a more filigree design of the C-pillars, the area of glass could be increased by 30 %. The 300 c now had a “pillar-less full-sight body”, which made it possible to completely open the lateral windows, and was therefore designated as a hard-top saloon.

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source: HK-ENGINEERING HANDELS GMBH, hk-engineering.com

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