1972 Mercedes-Benz 250 CE w114 Stroke Eight coupe Horizon Blue

In November 1968 the new coupé models 250 C and 250 CE were presented to representatives of the international press that had gathered in Hockenheim. The basic technical concept, as well as the design of the new models, was mainly derived from the saloons. With respect to chassis, power unit and framework, the coupés closely resembled the 250 Type saloon, and up to the A-pillar, even the body of the two versions was identical. Starting from the A-pillar, however, the differences became rather more pronounced: The coupé had a flatter front screen and a roof that was 45 mm lower compared to that of the saloon; last but not least it was a two-door model, of course. The front and rear side windows came without a frame and were fully retractable. Due to the missing B-pillar, an uninterrupted fresh air zone was created in a true hardtop manner. Another distinguishing feature was the longer rear bumper which extended right up to the wheel arches and harmonized well with the long rear of the car.

The 2.5-liter 6-cylinder characteristics of the coupé were underscored by different engine options, which were available in the car. With its 2.5-liter 6-cylinder unit, the coupé, too, was equipped with the most powerful engine of the broad range of engines available within series 114/115. Apart from a carburetor version, which – as had been the case with the saloon – delivered 130 hp, a 150 hp injection-engine was also available and was used exclusively for the coupé. The 250 CE was the first of all Mercedes-Benz serially produced passenger cars to be fitted with a very important novelty, the so-called “D-Jetronic”. This was an electronic fuel-injection system, manufactured by Bosch, which replaced the former mechanical multi-plunger injection pump.

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