1984 Cadillac Fleetwood Formal Limousine

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This is a factory-built 1984 Cadillac Fleetwood Formal Limousine, one of the last made in the Cadillac factory. It’s a Formal limo with a sliding glass division (not as common as the normal Fleetwood limo that does not have the division). The last of the RWD of its time with a smart V8-6-4 variable engine. Black leather front compartment; black velvet rear compartment, seating up to 8. This formal model lived the good life as a privately owned occasional transportation for the family. 04386 mi (actual mi driven 3000 mi).

Mechanically, it was fired up in ’04, running excellent locally and on freeways with no issues. Then no longer garaged the wiring may have been chewed by critters. It is always protected by a car cover. Battery was replaced ’12 and a crank was heard, but no rev of the engine starting, buyer must tow. The interior is remarkedly well preserved. The leather seating, fabric, carpet, steering wheel, dash are good. The exterior has inflated tires, no worn out threads, intact wire spoke hubcaps, no major repairs needed for structural damage or dents, only left tail crack, weathering on the trunk.

Original owner, low mileage, overall condition, and rarity affects the value. $4300 to be sold as is. VIN: 1G6AF3397E9071734

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