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This week on RESET I am sharing Two FREE tools to Increase Your Sales!

Managing business finances and projects, particularly sales are a priority, especially for new businesses, but many of the tools available cost more money than you can afford when you are just starting. These two tools helped me to track leads, increase sales and more effectively manage my business finances. They also have a robust help section and videos that make it easier to learn how to use them effectively.

Did this video inspire you to take the next step? Here’s what you’ll need:

STEP 1: Optimize your email with Streak! We use it for CRM, Sales, and Project Management.

STEP 2: Organize your business finances with Wave App Manage business finances with Wave App www.waveapps.com

STEP 3: Create boxes in Streak to manage your customer relationships and finalize sales

STEP 4: Use Wave to send customer invoices and receive payments


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Whether you are an employee, building a business, brand or income these tools will work for you.

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