2014 Jaguar XF Hand built Limousine Fleet

Each Jaguar Limousine is hand built and crafted to individual requirements by British coachbuilders Wilcox Limousines, the only authorised Jaguar Cars Coachbuilder in the world.
They are constructed using the very latest technology to ensure reliability and comfort. The new fleet is made from aluminium for a life time warranty against rusting and the very latest engines not only provide unrivalled smoothness but consider the environment.

Keeping up with its proud traditions for excellence and customer care, Austin’s Family Funeral Directors now have a brand new custom built fleet of Jaguar Hearse’s and Jaguar Limousines. For further details please contact any of our Austin’s branches across Hertfordshire Click here to find your nearest branch
Email Enquiries: funerals@austins.co.uk

Photos-Filming-Edting by © Mark Vasey Austins Tributes 2014 Tel 07792907688

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