🚘 2020 All New Grand Starex High Limousine @ β‚± 3.6 M

πŸ‘‰ Now available in the Philippines at Autoaccess PH.

πŸ‘‰ The luxurious style changes beyond the dignity and changes the limousine standard. In the larger interior space, you face the first room of your life. The coziness that surrounds you will remain in your mind for a long time after it has fallen.

βœ… Headlining top mood lighting
βœ… Deco molding with loop
βœ… Loop built-in knit wrap
βœ… 2 and 3-row limousine seats (foldable armrests, heated / ventilated, electric sliding / reclining)
βœ… Wing type headrest A
βœ… Mobile Phone Holder & USB Port (3ea) It
βœ… Drawer-type cup holder & center tray A
βœ… Footrests
βœ… 21.5-inch electric sliding monitor & 8-inch touch screen
βœ… Premium (KRELL) sound
βœ… Head lining top mood lighting

πŸ‘‰ Smooth ride and delicate, sophisticated convenience make your driving comfortable and relaxed.

βœ… Exclusive Suspension
βœ… GARNISH & DOOR Trim for Limousine
βœ… Floating type display
βœ… Multimedia support
βœ… Reading light
βœ… 1-row heat ventilation sheet
βœ… 3 rows of cup holders
βœ… Steel material High loop
βœ… LED high mount stop lamp
βœ… Sidestep
βœ… Limousine only emblem

πŸ“ž You may contact AutoAccess for further information

πŸ“²Charlene 09267359653 | 414-0615 ext 105

πŸ“Visit us at 120 West Avenue Brgy. Phil-Am, Quezon City

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