2021 Carnival Hi Limousine (2022 Kia Sedona) Interior & Exterior Images Strong appearance & design

2021 Carnival Hi Limousine (2022 Kia Sedona) Interior & Exterior Images Strong appearance & design
The beginning of a high-end life
Carnival Hi Limousine
Magnificent volume, adding prestige
Strong appearance and sophisticated design complete the presence
In an attempt to milk the popular Kia Carnival — it’s the Kia Sedona in the U.S. — Kia is finding new and inventive ways of offering the minivan in different shapes and guises. Fresh from mixing SUV styling to the minivan’s aesthetics, Kia has taken the unconventional step of adding another version to the Carnival lineup, this time of the limousine persuasion.
Say hello to the 2021 Kia Carnival Hi Limousine, a retooled version of the luxury minivan that comes with a higher roof and plenty of new creature comforts to justify its billing. Somewhere, the Toyota Alphard must be shaking in its boots.
You have to give it to Kia. The Korean automaker has had the Carnival — again, it’s the Sedona here in the U.S. — in its lineup since 1998, and it’s still finding inventive ways to make the minivan more appealing than it probably is. Granted, this isn’t the first time that the Carnival has had a limousine trim. The third-general model, which is still being sold in certain parts of the world, was offered in the same guise, albeit sometime in the middle part of its life. That’s what makes this one different.
Before you get excited about Kia’s new pride and joy, you need to remember that the Kia Carnival Hi Limousine still looks like the fourth-generation Carnival. No changes were made to the minivan’s front and rear sections. The length of the minivan doesn’t change, either. What’s different, though, is that “box” you see on top of the van.

No, it’s not an aftermarket cargo storage unit, even if it looks like one. It’s actually a raised roof, which is one of the more important features of the Carnival Hi Limousine. Presumably, Kia shot down any suggestions of using a new platform with a longer wheelbase to create the Carnival Hi Limo. That option would’ve been time-consuming, not to mention costly. So instead of stretching the Carnival, Kia decided to make it taller by adding a raised roof and opening all sorts of headroom space inside the minivan.This plays directly into the already cavernous cabin of the Carnival, which, by the way, is why this model is called the Hi Limousine. The interior is massive and it’s well-appointed. It still seats seven people, but the second-row seats are now seats for kings. Two large captain seats complete with recliners and footrests will knock you out the second you seat on them. There’s more space in the back, too, and, in case you need some privacy, pleated curtains like the ones you see in traditional limos can give you all the privacy you need.Once you’re sitting and completely relaxed, a massive 21.5-inch monitor that’s hanging from the roof can be one of your sources of entertainment. LED reading lights are also available, as is a built-in air purifier, and enough ambient lighting to make you feel like you’re inside a cocoon of luxury.
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