[223] Mercari Sales Predictions Tool

Mercari Demand Predictions is currently in Beta testing and is similar to TeraPeak on eBay, except unlike on eBay, there is no charge for Mercari’s new “Demand Predictions”. Anticipate upcoming sales trends based on supply and demand. We’ll take a first hand look at Demand Predictions and you will learn how to read the graphs so you can make profitable decisions.
(episode 223 season 7)

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The focus of this video, is learning how Mercari’s sellers matrix works, which will assist you in figuring out what products you should possibly sell, which products are selling best, what’s trending on Mercari and how their marketplace algorithms work. Similar to eBay’s TeraPeak, but not as sophisticated and with less analytics, but its free for all Mercari sellers, so you can’t beat the price, and once you learn how to use Mercari’s Predictions, you’ll have more insight compared to other sellers, because you have subscribed and watch SellerThink’s Mercari Videos. Helping you sell better and sell more, from coast to coast.

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