3 Limo Service Marketing Strategies To Increase Sales Faster Than You Think

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3 service marketing tips to explode in your local area as the dominating limousine service watch this to the end take notes this is Roi Genie you do not want to miss a bit of what I’m going to show you this today step one dominating your local area very effective limo service marketing is joint ventures I cannot stress this enough you guys need to meet making local joint venture relationships so we’re on this website right here always use Wichita Kansas as an example alright so is goetta pain are open up a notepad on your computer and write down all of the motels and hotels in your area down all of the hotels motels in your area I want to do that well you want to overthrow Uber and you want to overthrow the taxi companies of course and of course your other limousine competition so and I already made joint ventures with these motels you want to be the first you were simply making agreement with them offer them something in value in order for them to send you whatever leaves they know of meaning if somebody is there and needs a ride somewhere instead of recommending them call a taxi or Uber they recommend you instead so you be the go-to guy for all of these motels and then you switch over do all of the hotels in the city that’s Uptown downtown in the counties it doesn’t matter you want to contact as many motels and hotels as you can justice joint venture strategy right here will take you is that you never known before so if you’re running around riding around the city trying to pick up people looking like you’re looking for hookers and stuff like that stop doing that now this will get you more leaves and you need alright mostly airport lead so if you like airport leaves than this would be good for your Limousine Company also so that’s step one the local hotels and motels in any other Industries related locally to your Limousine Company okay so joint ventures with hotels and motels maybe some restaurants also but they’ll be mainly upscale restaurants you know what I’m talking about all right let’s move on so Step 2 be the stalker package what is the stalker package will let’s go back over to Facebook all right so on Facebook yes I’m pretty sure you heard of Facebook ass before not saying you know how to create one or anything like that this is something called a pixel what a stalker package you can Target anybody that’s been to your website can Target them for 6 to 9 months so no matter what site they go on website they go on whether is Instagram Facebook YouTube or other Google related sites such as Amazon limo service marketing, limo marketing, how to marketing a limousine company, limousine marketing plan, limousine consultant, roi genie marketing specialist, Limousine Marketing: How To Grow Your Limo Business, limo profits, ,

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