3 Sales Tools To Crush It In Sales Rahul Alim

In this video, Digital Marketing Agency Coach, Rahul Alim, shares 3 of his favorite tools for crushing sales.

This video is for anyone ready to simplify their sales and follow-up process for efficiency and to ultimately build a fine oiled machine to take their sales to the next level.

These tools helped Rahul crush it with his sales, you can use them too!
1. FollowUp Monster (our white label software that is absolutely incredible, if you own a marketing agency… this is a MUST have tool!)

2. A calendar booking link. This means, that your clients or prospects can book times online that sync to your calendar. Gone are the days of calling and going back and forth on time slots! Make it simple and easy for your prospects to meet and hire you.

3. Using an online document signing platform to share get contracts signed like HelloSign or DocuSign. No more PDF’s and waiting for people to sign!

There’s many more tools in our arsenal but these 3 are must-have’s! Don’t forget to subscribe and turn the bell on, so you get alerts when you upload new content to help your marketing agency grow!


Have any questions, comments, or concerns about sales tools you can leverage for your business after watching this video? Let us know in the comments bellow! Tell us what you want to see next.


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