4 new tools that will tremendously improve how efficiently you can manage your business and provide you with instant insights to help you close more business immediately!

Performance Insights

Instantly see which of you salespeople are performing best and which are lagging. Instantly switch from Won Amount to Lost Amount or any other of the 5 KPIs you see here. Then go deeper with each salesperson and turn on the graph view for any of the KPIs and see how they have been performing over time – now you can coach them to greatness!

Bubble Chart

Now we have a new 3 D view that helps your salespeople instantly know where to focus. The size of each bubble represents its value. The bigger bubble, the bigger value. Where bubble sits tells you the due date and what stage in is it. Maybe you need to focus on opportunity with the most imminent due date, that is the biggest and furthest in the sales process.

Automated Sales Tasks

Within each stage of your sales process are a number of tasks that need to be completed to move an opportunity forward, – some of these tasks will sometimes be the same. So to save on manually creating them each time, we now allow you to automate the tasks – for example when moving from demo stage to Value Proposition stage tasks such as “Send Customer Success Document” and “Find Out potential number of licences” will be always the same in this stage.

Target multiple KPIs

Compare the performance of any numeric field in your organisation with previous period. Did we created more deals this month than previous one? And did the value of those opportunities increase or decrease. These insights are no longer hidden, no they are in plain view!

With Pipeliner CRM, it can be done with just a few clicks. See for yourself! Click here to download a free trial:

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