5 Tips To Protect Your Car In Summers | Problems In Summer In Baleno 2021 | Mr. Vashisht

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5 Tips To Protect Your Car In Summers | Car Sun Protection In 2021 | Mr. Vashisht

In summer season harmful UV rays from the sun car affect your car. I discuss some tips on how you can protect your car in summers. These are some of the problems that I face in my Baleno Zeta 2021 that I tell you about in the video. You can buy different types of sunshade for your car your car or you can just open a little bit of the windows in summer while you park your car for better air flow. The car’s paint can also erode over time if not drive your car much and it stays parked all the time, I tell you the solution to this problem.

Accessories For Your Cars For Summer:-
1) Windshield Sun Shade- U
2) Window Sun Shade- o
3) Rear Window Sun Shade- I
4) Car Body Cover- M

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