7 Tools That Help Close Sales

Some of us can grow to enjoy life’s chaotic chops and changes, but for sales teams, predictable revenue stability is what’s hot. While predictability might be the end goal, landing new deals is not exactly a walk in the park – in fact, some might say it’s never been harder. Thankfully, the robo-age is making lives easier for sales reps to boost their productivity, make better decisions and basically get stuff done.
Want to find out how? Listen in as we look at the 7 stages of a typical sales funnel and pit it up with an online sales tool that will act as a guaranteed life-changer for prospecting at each stage of the sales pipeline – without breaking the bank.

0:00 INTRO
0:59 Sales Navigator by LinkedIn
1:41 Persist IQ
2:39 Pipedrive
3:25 Proposify
4:27 DigiSigner
5:06 Databox
5:27 OUTRO

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