8 Sales Strategies to Win BIG in 2020

Want to be insanely good at sales? Nextiva has put together an all-star panel to answer your questions about the future of the sales profession. Watch these experts share their top sales strategies for 2020.

In this webinar, we answer your specific questions about sales strategies and tactics, sales coaching, hiring and retention, and how to crush your goals and rise to the highest echelons in your career. Plus much more.

Meet our Panelists:

?John Barrows – CEO at JBarrows Sales Training
?Natalie Severino – VP Marketing at Chorus.ai
?Rob Jeppsen – CEO at Xvoyant
?Gaetano DiNardi – Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva

Watch the full webinar replay here:

We’ve also got the webinar timestamps here if you want to skim through:

0:00 – 6:54 Introductions
6:54 – 14:56 How Will Robots and AI Impact the Sales Profession
14:56 – 16:50 Should you announce that you’re recording a call?
16:50 – 27:18 What does the future of sales forecasting look like?
27:18 – 40:40 What are the keys to effective sales coaching in 2020?
40:40 – 44:13 What is the impact on cold call connect rates when you announce recording at the outset?
44:13 – 52:36 What is a deal verifier during the sales process?
52:36 – 59:40 Cold calling or cold email?
59:40 – 1:02:23 How do you see sales playbooks evolving?
1:02:23 – 1:06:06 How do you track pipeline in Salesforce itself?
1:06:06 – 1:08:22 Signoff

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