(#82) CRUSH Your Self-Limiting Sales Stories with Amanda Kaufman

Kimberly talks with fellow certified high performance coach and founder of The CRUSH Method, Amanda Kaufman on money, sales, and how, as a business owner you selling is essential to the world.@crownyourselfnow

In this episode, you will learn…

Why is urgency important in being successful? (4:30)

How do you use the resources that you already have in the beginning? (6:30)

What tool can you use to change your mindset to trade up? (11:30)

Why do you need to know sales and marketing tools at this time? (18:00)

Why do you need to keep selling when you can? (21:00)

What happens when you just drop “the guilt”? (28:15)

Why is mindset the only set that matters? (31:00)

How is having a coach a powerful move? (36:30)

Why is selling not about you? (43:30)

Amanda is an executive coach, speaker, wife, mother, productivity and performance nerd, and an advocate for you CRUSHing It in your own life!

Prior to formally launching her coaching practice, Amanda spent a decade as a strategist, mentor, and leader, traveling all over North America to serve her high-profile clients, all while raising a young family and pursuing several personal goals at the same time. Amanda offers a range of performance coaching and consulting services – from individual coaching, to workshops, and keynote speeches on the subjects of personal effectiveness, leadership, and balance.

Amanda is the founder of The CRUSH Method, helping coaches and experts achieve their mission of impact while setting up a business that supports their family and lifestyle through business training, with an emphasis on authentic sales and marketing practices.

WEBSITE: amandakaufman.net



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