9 Keys to Generate More (High Quality!) Sales Leads

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Set More Sales Meetings Key #1: Use a prospecting blueprint.

A prospecting blueprint is the opposite of haphazard prospecting. Your blueprint should map out exactly what you’re going to do to generate more sales meetings, every single step of the way.

This doesn’t require you to spend hours and hours mapping out a process, but it does require you to put some real thought into what your process looks like. That way, you’ll know exactly what you need to do over the next 45 or 60 days in order to bring each prospect through the entire process.

Key #2: Know your IPP.

The next pillar of a successful lead generation strategy is understanding and knowing your IPP. Your IPP simply stands for your ideal prospect profile. Who is your ideal prospect? One of the things that we see over and over again is that most salespeople are prospecting to tons of people. But if you’re not sure about who your ideal prospect is, then it’s impossible to correctly target the right people for prospecting. That’s why it’s imperative to think about your IPP up front, so you don’t end up all over the map with prospects who don’t turn into ideal clients.

Key #3: Make multiple touches to each prospect.

Remember earlier, when we talked about how your prospecting blueprint should map out all of the “touches” you’ll make to each prospect? Let’s dig into that a bit more. You want to be making around 18–20 touches to each prospect, utilizing a bunch of different channels of outreach throughout the prospecting process (calls, emails, voicemails, LinkedIn connections, FedEx packages, etc.).

Key #4: Leverage all of your tools.

This brings us to the next component of a successful lead generation approach, which is the utilization of lots of different sales tools. Simply put, you need to leverage all of your tools if you’re going to be successful at generating more sales meetings with your ideal prospects.

We’re alive during an amazing time for sales technology—there are so many tools out there nowadays, it can feel overwhelming. Salespeople have more options than ever when it comes to sales tools they can use to generate more high-quality meetings for more opportunities.

Key #5: Have a kick-ass CTA.

Your kick-ass CTA (call to action) is what will get prospects to say, “Yeah, I’ll hop on the phone with this salesperson.” At the end of the day, everyone knows that when they respond to a salesperson, they’re signaling that they’re willing to be “sold.” And no one enjoys that experience. So in order to compel prospects to want to talk to you, you’re going to have to use some bait that really speaks to them. This is your kick-ass CTA.

Key #6: Script everything.

We touched upon this briefly earlier, but let’s explore scripting a little further. You need to be scripting everything out if you want to set more sales meetings. Every interaction that you have with a prospect should be completely scripted out. No guessing. No wondering what to say. Only following the script.

Now, this doesn’t mean that there’s not a bit of art to having great sales conversations. You can’t just read from a script and fail to adapt to what the prospect is saying in the moment. There’s an art to that. But the science behind scripting is what gives you the strong foundation that enables you to make little departures from the script and adapt to the conversation as it flows—without losing your place or scrambling to think of what to say next.

Key #7: Have your systems in place.

Systems are what tie together your entire approach to generating sales meetings. By systems, I mean whatever systems you have in place to ensure you are being efficient, following through, and leveraging your most valuable resource: time. If you’re running around doing tons of different stuff week by week, and you don’t have the right systems in place, then your prospecting is always going to be inconsistent—and so are your sales numbers.

Key #8: Know your math.

Remember earlier, when we talked about the magic number of appointments you must set in order to hit your sales numbers? This is all about knowing your math. Knowing your math is ultimately about knowing your end goal and then working backwards from there.

Key #9: Utilize mentorship and coaching.

The most effective way to implement your new approach to setting more sales meetings is to invest in mentorship and learn a proven process for lead generation. Top-performing salespeople are always investing in themselves to hone their craft and learn the ins and outs of a proven process through coaching or mentorship.

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