Advanced Sales Funnel Tutorial – The exact tools I use to run my business

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In this masterclass, you’ll discover:
✅The exact tools that my wife and I have used for the past 5 years to generate well over $1MM in course sales, leading to my financial freedom from corporate America
✅The EXACT FUNNEL Strategy that continues to provide dozens of new customers per day into our ecosystem
✅How to set up each step of the process, step-by-step (over the shoulder style)
✅Why these 3 specific tools integrate perfectly together and create an amazing business plan together

?Tools Used in this tutorial ?

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00:01:30 – Roadmap of the funnel
00:06:10 – The tools we are using and why
00:07:40 – Setting up your Teachable School
00:11:10 – Building Your First Teachable Course
00:16:00 Customizing lessons (important pdf elements and calls to action )
00:19:00 – Adding thumbnails for your Teachable Courses using RelayThat
00:21:00 Launching your school
00:22:00 Duplicating and building out additional courses
00:24:00 Setting up Pricing and payment options
00:26:30 – Reviewing the complete product catalog (and what to do if you don’t have a ton of products yet)
00:30:00 – Setting up your Convertkit Email System & Landing Page
00:37:00 – Setting up Thrivecart to sell your products in a high-converting sales funnel
00:38:00 – Which Thrivecart level is right for you?
00:39:00 – How to integrate Thrivecart with Teachable
00:42:00 – Setting up your first Product in Thrivecart
00:45:00 – Designing your One Time Offer Page
00:49:00 – Creating Tags to Identify and Segments my Email list (and linking them to Thrivecart)
00:54:00 – Understanding Abandoned Carts to recover money easily!
00:55:00 – Creating Your First Upsell in Thrivecart
00:57:00 – Creating Your First Downsell in Thrivecart
00:58:00 – Configuring every piece of your Sales Funnel in Thrivecart
01:00:00 – Linking your Convertkit Landing Page to Your Sales Funnel
00:01:00 – Running our first end-to-end test with test purchases
00:06:00 – Recapping the benefits of this powerful system

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