AirShroud Luxury Indoor Lay-on E-Car Cover Video Tutorial

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AirShroud is the ultimate must-have gadget for guys wanting to use the latest tech and take particular care and attention to the condition of their vehicle. This covering instrument is the latest innovation that allows owners to cover and uncover their car in style quickly and easily and keep it looking absolutely flawless. This silk-like cover that flows out of this instrument when in use is something beyond what you have ever experienced before with all other traditional car covers. But what’s amazing is how it vanishes into the instrument with a press of a button and a little guidance from yourself. Lightweight, versatile yet luxuriously soft. Each cover is created using a blend of traditional and modern techniques to ensure that your car always remains in the spotlight – even while covered.

Filmed with thanks at the London Motor Show 2018 by Thomas Stone Productions. The Ferrari 488 GTB is available to rent at Hertz Dream Collections at

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