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In the following video, Ela will introduce two product tools in Zik Analytics website that can help you find winning products.

0:00 aliexpress product research tool

– Tool number 1: Aliexpress product research tool
In Zik Analytics website, go to product research bar and select “AliExpress”. This tool will research and analyze all items on AliExpress. The general use of this tool is to predict worldwide demand. You may use it to find Aliexpress suppliers and can be used for eBay, shopify, or other platforms.

0:50 aliexpress product analysis tool

– We can see that there are filters. You may use this filter and choose what is applicable to you.

– For example, let’s do some research about “webcam”. Type-in webcam on the search bar and click search. This will give you all the listings for webcam and you can check out if it is indemand. In the stats given, we can see if it is indemand if it has a high percentage of sell through. You can also see if it is indemand is through sold items and through sale earnings.

– On the list below, we can see the information of seller on the left side, we can check the ratings and how many times the sold the product. We can also see the title, picture, and price of the products. To analyze the product a little deeper, you can select the “analyze” button which will give you a little bit more information about the product.

3:23 aliexpress product analysis tool

– We can see at the top the image and title of the product and below is the product info which consists of shipping, rating, votes, sales, and price. There’s also sales info and seller info below. Seller info is important, we always look for a supplier that’s been working for at least 9 months
to be sure. Minimum rating is 4.5. If it is higher than that then that’s a reliable supplier. If this seller is reliable, you can save this item to your folder so you can always go back to it later on.

– You can also use the “scan” button to get more information about the product on eBay.

– Even if you are just searching for some product ideas, this product research tool can be used to check if it is in demand and if the trend is going up.

-Tool 2: Ali Growth Scanner
In the zik analytics website dashboard, we can choose it right away. This is a database with over 58 million items. The general use is to predict trends and find winning products. We have the ability to filter out and analyze the product based on; growth rate, number of sales, price, shipping type, rating, votes, sales date range, and order by.

With all these filters, you may select the product that you want to find by putting or choosing all the information you want. We can now see the result and see the product that has the highest growth in the last 30 days. We can choose our desired product and click the “magnifying glass” icon that will give us more information.

7:23 aliexpress product research tool

Use these tools to your advantage to have the best items in your store with a growing trend.

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