All New Kia Carnival 2021/ Sedona Hi Limousine – Carnival High Limo // Price // Interior & Exterior

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Price New 2021 Kia Carnival Hi Limousine at USD 54,500.
New 2021 Kia Carnival (Kia Sedona) Hi Limousine video review and description.
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Carnival Hi-Limousine secured the best-in-class spaciousness based on the headroom increased by up to 291mm compared to the basic model, and the differentiated exterior design of Hi-Limousine was applied, reborn as a model with grander volume and luxury. In addition, various customer-customized convenience specifications are added to provide the best comfort and satisfaction.
A design created by adding the luxury of high limousine to the grand volume of carnival
Kia Motors implemented a differentiated design by adding the identity of a high limousine to the “grand volume” of the carnival.
The front part is equipped with aerodynamically designed high roof and front bumper guard, which enhances the sense of luxury and has a sophisticated image. The side part adds a sense of volume to the design by applying side steps with a strong and sluggish feeling, and at the same time increases the convenience of getting on and off.
At the rear, the’large LED rear auxiliary brake light’ applied to the high roof adds the uniqueness of the high limousine and enhances visibility. The’rear bumper guard’ designed to be integrated with the front part embodies a sense of unity and is equipped with a’high limousine exclusive emblem’ that adds a sense of quality and luxury to the car class, completing the differentiated personality of the high limousine.
Premium interior that provides the best comfort and space utilization
The interior is constructed with the concept of a tailored space (custom space), providing users with a comfortable experience as if staying in a premium lounge.
With the application of a high roof, the headroom, which is up to 291mm higher than that of the basic carnival model, provides a spacious interior space that cannot be felt in other vehicles. In addition, the ‘21.5-inch smart monitor’, which is installed in consideration of the viewing angle of the rear passenger, is equipped with terrestrial HD-DMB, HDMI terminal, USB terminal, smart device mirroring & sharing function, so that you can enjoy the desired video on a large screen while moving.
In addition, the’built-in air purifier’ attached to the passenger seat back detects the indoor air condition and purifies ultra-fine dust and indoor harmful gases to keep the room comfortable at all times. A’cold/hot cup holder’ that can be used in rows 1 and 2 keeps beverages cold or hot, and a’crease curtain’ applied to the side and rear glass helps to protect personal privacy.
In addition, the ‘2nd and 3rd row LED reading lights’ attached to the side of the high roof add convenience to passengers’ reading and document work, and the’LED Center Room Lamp’ and’Ambient Mood Lamp’ for high limousine are comfortable and warm. Create an indoor atmosphere. Hi-Limousine’s unique design is applied to the’Boarding Spot Lamp’ to further enhance the sense of quality.
Gasoline 7-seater and 9-seater models released… From 60,66 million won
Kia Motors will first introduce two models of Carnival High Limousine Gasoline 7-seater and 9-seater.
The gasoline model launched this time is equipped with a Smartstream G3.5 GDI engine, which has a maximum output of 294PS (horsepower) and a maximum torque of 36.2kgf•m combined fuel consumption of 8.7km/ℓ (9-seater). Snow White Pearl. 2 types of Aurora Black and interior. Cotton Beige single color.
In the future, Kia Motors is planning to release a 4-seater gasoline model as well as a 7-seater and 9-seater carnival high limousine diesel model.
Meanwhile, Kia Motors plans to improve the satisfaction of high limousine customer service by expanding the infrastructure for the carnival high limousine maintenance service and operating an integrated call center.
Starting this month, Kia Motors will open 35 additional Carnival High Limousine service bases. As a result, high limousine customers will be able to use maintenance services at 18 Kia Motors service centers and 66 master auto-Q locations nationwide, which is expected to minimize customer inconvenience such as Su Ji-yeon.
In addition, we have made efforts to provide the best vehicles to our customers, such as expanding quality inspection personnel in the entire process from the development stage of high limousine to customer delivery.

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