Allextreme BZ7006 Maruti Suzuki Brezza: Waterproof and Heat Resistant Car Body Cover

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Allextreme BZ7006 Car Body Cover Compatible with Maruti Suzuki Brezza Custom Fit Dustproof UV Heat Resistant Indoor Outdoor Body Protection (Blue with Mirror)

The AllExtreme BZ7006 car body cover has a compatible design. It is made with quality-tested polyester material and is water-resistant. It provides 360-degree protection for your car, which protects it from dust, rain, scratches, bird droppings, etc. It will provide a tight fit that will completely fit down to the ground as it is composed of an elasticized hem and buckle lock.

*Tear resistant fabric
*Custom fit
*Dustproof and UV heat-resistant
*Indoor and outdoor body protection
Get full-fledged protection from the rain.

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