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First, Amazon has released a new tool in beta, the Virtual Product Bundles Tool. It allows sellers to create bundles of existing FBA products without packaging items together or changing FBA inbound inventory. The new tool is available now to sellers with Brand Registry 2.0. Next, For the first time ever Walmart has surpassed eBay in it’s share of all U.S. e-commerce sales, although both companies still remain far from Amazon’s 38% claim of the market, with Walmart holding 5.8% and eBay right behind at 4.5%. As we have reported in the past, e-commerce has been booming with sales increasing to a record 17.7% in May. But still, sales are estimated to continue climbing in 2020 to a whopping 18%, higher than previously forecasted. Finally, this Monday Walmart announced a partnership with Shopify to expand its third party marketplace site.Walmart is expected to bring on roughly 1,200 Shopify stores that meet certain criteria to it’s third party marketplace platform by the end of the year. The stores will be able to list items to sell directly on

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News For The Week Of 06/15/20 – 06/19/20

1). Virtual Product Bundles Tool Makes It Easier To Create Bundles Of Existing FBA Products – Bradley’s Blog Post:

2). Walmart’s Captures 5.8% Of All U.S. E-Commerce Sales, Passing EBay’s 4.5%, But Still Behind Amazon’s 38% –

3). E-Commerce Sales Are Estimated To Climb 18% In 2020, Higher Than Previously Forecasted –

4). Walmart Announces Partnership With Shopify To Expand Its Third Party Marketplace –

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