Andy Rawls Q&A: Woodworking, The Argosy Airstream, and More!

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Question Index:

If you knew the Argosy build would take this long would you buy it again? 1:20
What’s your favorite woodworking tool and why?1:50
How are you feeling mentally/physically through these tough times? 2:45
What motivated you to become a woodworker? 4:00
What was the very first piece you built? 4:59
General business details; customers online vs. in person, monthly sales quantity? 6:19
Best tips for 17 year old who is just getting started? 7:58
Will you do more restoration type videos similar to the Argosy? 9:34
Do you have any big goals? 11:21
Did you start your woodworking business as a side job or did you go all in? 12:14
First ever project I made? 13:19
Any new tools you’re looking to get? 13:36
Can you share your Christian testimony? 14:26
Would you ever teach a woodworking class? 16:46
What’s the best chisel for the money? 18:00
Tips for someone trying to step up the quality of their pieces? 18:26
When did you start? 20:27
Who taught you and how long does it take to learn? 20:47
How do I keep my woodworking business running strong? 21:32
How to find a shop? 22:23
What’s your favorite hand tool? 23:16
After a saw, bench plane, and measuring tools what’s the next tool to add? 23:00
What tool did you wish you had known about when you were first starting? 24:01
If you could take one tool to a dessert island what would it be? 24:30
Share some ideas about the woodworking for the Argosy? 25:01
Do you have a favorite handmade piece that was gifted to you? 25:19
How do you price your work? 26:02
How long did it take you to grow your business? 27:28
Is it wrong to glue table top to the base? 27:53
Do you feel God’s pleasure when you woodwork? 28:20
What outdoor activities do you enjoy doing? 29:16
What kind of saws do you use to cut dovetails? 29:51
Would you have to build more furniture if you weren’t a successful YouTuber? 30:17
Where is the first place you will go with the Argosy? 31:24
Would you be interested in taking on another Vintage Trailer restoration? 32:01
What tools are good first buys for beginners? 32:20
Did your C-channel have any rust on it? 32:53
Best way to start learning woodworking? 33:19
If you didn’t get into woodworking what could you see yourself doing? 34:20
How do you start off your wood shop? 34:50
Do you prefer building furniture or filming videos, does filming take away from the enjoyment of the work? 35:38
How long did you woodwork before feeling confident to build with expensive woods? 37:20
What core techniques need to be perfected for a beginner? 38:23
What is your favorite hand tool you own? 39:21
What is your go-to finish? 40:22
Where do you find old wood machines? 41:04
What’s your favorite piece you made that didn’t get in a video? 41:02
Which hand tools do you recommend for a newbie? 42:15
Best advice for someone about to go full time woodworking? 42:38
Which other makers inspire you? 44:48
What’s your plans for your business? 45:43
What kind of window seam sealer ddi you end up using on the Argosy? 47:18
Have you always done this or what did you do before woodworking? 48:12

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