Applying Lean Principles to Sales | Andrew Wilcock

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Here in this video, we are interviewing Andrew Wilcock who is an International Lecturer and Consultant specializing in Sales Management and Sales Process Optimization. He helps companies define, measure, analyze, improve, and control their sales processes. He has more than 30 years of sales experience and now consults globally on sales management.

Here we are discussing the following points:

• What can salespeople learn from their engineering counterparts?
• What can lean and lean principles teach sales people?
• Updating the sales process is one of the essential things that the company must do on a regular basis and it is also seen that some of them don’t do that quite often. What all this may lead to?
• When it comes to sales, one of the things that may go wrong is people don’t spend enough time looking at the process and seeing if every part of the process is working effectively. How to tackle that?

If you revisit your sales process before you replace your sales manager, you will probably find that you can recruit from a wider and more diverse group, enabling you to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales force.

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