Architecture in Extended Reality (XR) Visualization by Qingyun Lu, Yutong Dai and Yicheng Zhao

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A student project developed as part of a year-long post-professional IDEAS Technology Studio “Architectural Intelligence 2.0” led by Güvenç Özel with Benjamin Ennemoser and Gabby Shawcross.

Extended Reality (XR) describes numerous vision and media technologies that combine digital and physical worlds. In the winter quarter, our research explored spatial interactions in XR between digital content and the user in retail environments, using the Design Within Reach Store in West Hollywood as a prototype for spatial interface, immersion and interaction during the retail experience. Big Dataset Design – The Winter Tech Seminar explored the design and experience of immersive interactive visual environments constructed from large sets of data. Information embedded within the geometry, surface texture, volume and voxels of dynamic visual constructs was accessed through proximity, gaze and touch.

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