Arrays | Module 3 | Lesson 6

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Hello Everyone πŸ‘‹ Welcome to my channel Coded Reality, in this lecture we are going to cover a very important topic called Arrays in depth.

About Course:
This course will be covering both Theoretical and Practical aspects of Augmented Reality development, we will be learning the concepts from the very basics and will be moving on to developing our own Augmented Reality Applications and Augmented Reality Filters.

About Me:
I am Priyanshu Bhattacharjee a 17 year old Extended Reality Engineer from India πŸ˜€ currently studying in 12th standard having more than 2 years of experience developing XR applications and more than 3 years of experience with Unity Engine, I have worked with multiple startups as an XR Developer and have taught over 200+ students about Extended Reality at different colleges and universities, I also run a YouTube channel called Coded Reality where I make content on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, I am also Co-Founder of Antern an EdTech and Product based platform, you can connect with me through my Linkedin and Instagram profile.

Lecture Notes: l

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It takes lot of time to prepare this kind of courses for the community for free, so if you can show your support by subscribing and sharing my channel that would be really great and motivating for me and that’s the only thing I need to create more courses like these with better quality.

I hope that you will learn from this course a lot, you can learn more about this course in the course website.

Thank You πŸ˜€

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