Audio Play – The Cameraman – Michael Pennington – Anton Lesser – Robert Webb – Alison Skilbeck

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Written and directed by the late Don Taylor.

19 April 2022 Michael Pennington Playlist

Kill The Cameraman

A man finds himself in a city he doesn’t recognise, projected into a series of situations over which he has no control – some comic, some dramatic, some terrifying. Then he finds a letter in his pocket, which starts him on a strange journey to most unexpected destinations.

Man – Anton Lesser
Voice – Michael Pennington
Stranger – Edward Petherbridge
Clio/Wife – Alison Skilbeck
Lavatory Attendant – Bill Wallis
Executive – Paul Ritter
PR Person/Girl – Louisa Milwood-Haigh
Game Show Host – Robert Webb
Young Man – Jonathan Dryden Taylor
Lavatory attendant:Bill Wallis
Game show host:

Produced by Richard Blake
Directed by Don Taylor

The Friday Play: Kill the Cameraman First
First broadcast: Fri 5th Apr 2002, 21:00 on BBC Radio 4 FM

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