Automate Prospecting for B2B Leads via LinkedIn in 2020 (Set & Forget under $150)

Important Note:
1. Don’t send bulk invites to email contacts, even if LinkedIn prompts you to! Otherwise, you might get your profile banned if people reject the invite. There are limits, even with Sales Navigator; most tools have them inbuilt
2. Don’t login from multiple locations when automation is working
3. If you are seeing reCaptcha a lot of times. STOP!

-I always have this running because I don’t have time to do things manually and managing freelancers is also difficult
-I never want my sales pipeline to be empty and this makes sure it isn’t.
-I generate leads on autopilot with spending any time on prospecting.
-It makes sure my offering/product/service is always reaching in front of the right target audience.
-My LinkedIn network is always growing with the right connections and I start to come up showing up more in people’s search results.
-When I post something, it can show up on my prospect’s newsfeed.
-I send my case studies/articles to the target audience to show that I know my stuff.
-I make sure LinkedIn is getting utilized 100%.

LinkedIn inbox will soon have promotions and a spam folder. Currently, it doesn’t have that and that’s the opportunity.

100% of your message reaches the prospect’s private inbox.

Tools mentioned
1. Meet Alfred
2. Sales Navigator

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LinkedIn has a very Facebook-like user interface. There is just not enough space for long messages on LinkedIn. Even on a desktop, the space allocated to the message area is just not enough.
Anything longer than 3-4 sentences will be hard to read and lose your prospect’s attention. People end up skimming your message and moving on.
Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your messages very short on LinkedIn.

Also, keep in mind that the messaging interface on LinkedIn supports threads. If you send one message after another, the person at the other end might feel like they’re being spammed. Do it but be cautious.
Do not send too many messages all at once.

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