Let’s face it – building out a sales development function is tough work. From hiring the right SDRs and Managers to developing an ICP and outreach strategy to paying for tools and resources, it adds up quickly. Not to mention that so much of your success hinges on the performance of your SDR team. Getting it right the first time is paramount. Get it wrong and things can get messy…

Are you asking the right questions when building out a team? What kind of metrics should you track? How many SDRs should you hire? How much should it cost? These are just a few topics we’ll address in our on-demand webinar!

Lindsay Frey & Dan Paul have a treasure trove of experience in building and managing successful sales development programs. From the ground up or as an addition to an existing team they’ve been able to drive predictable revenue and create sustainable growth across countless industries. Want to know their secrets? Watch and find out!

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