Aznom Palladium all-terrain ‘hyper limousine’ revealed

Made in Italy, this limited-edition limo combines coach-building with off-roading.
Italian coachbuilding company Aznom has debuted its latest vehicle, the Palladium – a V8-powered, 4×4-friendly luxury limousine that looks like the love child of a Rolls-Royce and a Ram 1500.

The Palladium is a successor to Aznom’s Atulux, a $300,000 luxury car Aznom created in 2018 that was based on a Ram 1500 pick-up.

Aznom founder Marcello Meregalli said the success of the Atulux inspired him to create an even more luxurious vehicle, “a car completely manufactured by us both outside and inside” – thus, the Palladium was born.

Described as a “hyper limousine”, the Palladium is almost 6 metres long and 2 metres tall and takes its design philosophy and name from Italian architect Andrea Palladio, who was known for his opulent Greek and Roman mansions.
Aznom claims the top speed is 210km/h and the Palladium completes the 0-100km/h dart in 4.5 seconds.

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