Basing sales tools on process – why solving small problems slows success

When we’re building a sales system, and we’re building a sales process, and you’re putting
together a sales team a lot of times, what we do is we recognize there is a problem. We recognize a very specific problem. Like, for example, we’re having trouble tracking our prospects. We’re reaching out to all these people are having trouble tracking it. So what do you do?

You say, okay, well, we need to solve that problem. We’re having trouble tracking prospects. Let’s go. And let’s look at a CRM. So we’ll get a CRM that will help us manage our prospects, and then that tool will just install it, and we’ll get it to solve this problem for us. And so we’ll shop around for a CRM. And it’s actually the way a lot of businesses typically see any process, not just sales process, but other processes, too. Is there a tool out there that solves this problem? Let’s get that tool, and then they have another problem. Let’s look for a tool that solves that problem.

And so when we have this happen, you get a bunch of disjointed tools, and then you
decide, well, how do I get this tool to talk to that tool? Because now I’ve got another problem is I’ve got this manual work that goes into this tool. And then I have this manual work that goes into this tool. And sometimes the first tool will Advertise, well, we integrate with this other tool. And so you go, Well, they integrate with that other tool. So we might as well actually just use that other tool and not actually shop around or find something that’s more effective or lower cost. So the first thing that I would recommend doing is actually building a process map that defines all the steps of your process. It’s time-consuming. If you don’t know how to build a process map, which is a common issue to have, is they don’t understand.

People don’t understand how to necessarily build the map. Learn first how to put it together to make it work for you so that you understand it. But build a thorough process map that design step by step, all the different things that you have to do as an organization in order to effectively sell. And so this can include things like the tasks that your team has to perform on a daily basis. Prospect management, client management, communication platforms.
How many times are following up within those communication platforms? Are you using a communication platform outside your email?

And if you are, are they talking to each other? So you have all these different things, even the
types of messaging, let’s say you’re sending a digital email that’s written versus a short video message and a different type of system. So we do all these things, but we do them
Individually. But by putting together a process map, you get actually a much stronger, more thorough view of where you might have problems in the future.

Challenges in the future, even some challenges. Now that maybe you didn’t even really recognize or challenges that there are opportunities for improvement. And so there’s always going to be an investment in the tools that you use. But one of the things that you want to do is start with understanding all the process elements first.

Then define what tools can solve those problems. One tool might solve five different pieces of your process, and a second tool might integrate a third tool that will actually solve two other points in your process. But by understanding that process and putting together that process map first, it will help build your sales process more efficiently, more effectively, more thoroughly. It’ll be more thoughtful, it’ll be easier to follow. And the tools that you choose will actually solve bigger scale problems. Then the one problem that you’re trying to solve when you will usually sign up for that first tool.

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