Drive & transport with real limo car in water surfer adventure simulator game.

Do you love driving limousine on beach and oceans? Are floating water surfer limo cars and boating is a fun and thrill for you? If yes then get ready for Water Surfer Limo Duty Driver adventure on city town beach where you transform your luxury limousine into floating jet sky boats. As a best water surfing driver race your limo car in immense sea with fast speed to rescue and transport all the tourist. This ultimate beach surfing game is best for real water boat lovers who got some amazing boat driving stunts on water simulation. In Beach Rescue Game get ready for adventure ride on beach. While jet boat racing collect checkpoints in sea by jumping through circles. As a beach racer use your water surfing skills to prove yourself as a legend of duty driving.

Now enjoy one of the best and unique limo car driving on blue sea water and beautiful sandy beach terrain. If you like surfing on oceanic water then this water surfer limousine driving game is for you! Transport the VIP passengers to their destination while enjoying the natural beach environment. In this legendary game test your luxury limousine racing skills in summer racing on sandy and dusty beach terrain. This is unique offroad limousine car driving game of 2017!

The tyres of limo get transformed into floating Tyre once you jump into deep ocean water. In Free mode ride your surfing limo with full speed to collect the check points on the beach sand. To unlock new wonderful luxurious limousine you have to transport the boys and girls on bay beach by driving floating limo car through all checkpoints. Become the legend of beach racing by doing stunts and jumps with extreme modern long cars! Enjoy ocean rides with Beach Water Surfer Bike Racing.
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