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A Dedicated Car Space for Your Dog

We all want to keep our dogs happy, safe, and comfortable each time we take them out for a ride.

The Pet Zen Zone 4-in-1 Dog Car Seat Cover allows you to create a comfy space for your dog to sit or lie on while you drive him around on a trip to the vet or to the beach. It’s easily convertible to fit the front seat, rear seat, or even the trunk space on your wagon or SUV and made with a waterproof material that’s easy to clean in case of any doggy drool or accidents. Protecting your car while your pooch enjoys a ride has never been this easy. It’s like a comfy mat with extra features designed especially for your pets, so they stay happy and safe for the whole ride.

We’ve ensured that your dog stays in place safely with our non-slip rubber backing, so your dog won’t slip and slide while driving. We’ve also attached some adjustable safety belts to keep them secure in case of a sudden brake or sharp turn

Fits most cars and most dog breeds. And easy to set up in less than 90 seconds! It’s a must-have for every dog-loving family.

Dimensions: 53in W x 59in L

Package includes:
– Free drawstring storage bag
– 2 adjustable free dog seat belts
– 2 adjustable straps for the hammock-style

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