Best Tools for Amazon Sellers///Amazon Sales Blueprint

If you’re interested in selling on Amazon, there a few essential tools you will need, as well as a few items you can get to make your job a lot easier. In this lesson, we are going to take a look at some of those items.

First, you will need a scale. When you submit items for sale, Amazon will ask how much the package weighs in order to give you an estimated shopping price via UPS.

A good shipping scale can cost over $100, and the less expensive models typically only weigh up to a couple of pounds. If you can’t afford that kind of money right now, you can use your bathroom scale, but it won’t be as accurate. If you MUST use your bathroom scale, simply weigh yourself first, then weigh yourself again while holding the package and subtract the difference.

Next, you’ll need a method for removing price tags and labels from items without damaging the underlying packaging or the item itself. Simply tearing off the stickers is rarely ever a good idea, because remnants are likely to remain.

You can use a product like Goo Gone to remove the stickers, or some people swear by a little rubbing alcohol. Any remaining stuff can be removed with a scraper such as Scotty Peelers.

Boxes, packing tape, poly bags, bubble wrap, and packing paper are essential items for packing and shipping your items. If you can’t buy in bulk for better pricing, try to use coupons and search sales to save money on these items.

You will need a printer to print shipping labels. Amazon asks that you use a laser printer, but some people have uses inkjet printers for this.

A Dymo LabelWriter is an indispensable item for Amazon sellers. You can print labels to go over existing UPC symbols to identify that product to Amazon as YOUR product, and not another seller’s. This tool will make your life a lot easier!

Finally, it’s very important to have some sort of tool you can use to find out which products are being sold on Amazon, how much they are currently selling for, and how much profit you stand to make. Doing this manually will drive you crazy and waste an unbelievable amount of time, so it’s a good idea to download one of the popular apps that make this easier.

Amazon has its own app for this called AmazonSeller, but some sellers say this tool isn’t adequate when compared to other tools. Other apps that their own benefits and features, so it all boils down to which one you’d prefer to use.

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