Big D’s Craftsman Tool Haul – Las Vegas Garage Sales 02 | 4K

Here’s another breakdown of more Craftsman tools from various garage sales around Las Vegas, compliments of my awesome in-laws. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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TOOLS in this video

Craftsman 4”/100mm Adjustable C-Clamp, F, 66678, 1980s ??
Craftsman 1/2” Teardrop Ratchet Wrench, V, 44975, 1972-1976
Craftsman 3/8” Teardrop Ratchet Wrench, V, 43784, 1982-1985
Craftsman 12” P2 Phillips screwdriver, Q PR, 41296, 1990s
Craftsman 6” Adjustable Wrench, JW, 1968-1975
Craftsman Vanadium 7” Diagonal Cutters, Circle-C, 1935-1941
Craftsman 1/2” Nutdriver, -H-, 41976, 1984+
Craftsman 1/4″ Drive Magnetic Bit Driver, 43373, 1984+
Craftsman 16mm x 3/8” Drive 12pt Socket, V, 44311, 1984+
Craftsman 1/2” x 1/4” Drive 6pt Socket, V, 1944-1967



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Alloy Artifacts

Jim C’s Teardrop Ratchet (1956-1993) Type Study


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