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Feeling exposed when doing some car camping? In this video I’ll talk about 6 privacy options for when you’re sleeping or living in your vehicle. DIY black out window coverings with Reflectix, dark window tinting, favric and magnets, perforated vinyl, shadesox, and totally customized sun blocking panels from car shades. We’ll get into the weeds on the pros and cons of each option and hopefully you’ll have a better idea of what’s right for you. The options I talk about are linked below.

Dark Window Tinting, 5% VLT:
Window Tinting Install kit:
Mesh Window Covers:
Perforated Vinyl:
Magnets for Fabric Covers:
Car Shades:

Thanks to Christine Lyons Roberson for the fabric and magnets footage.

— Table of Contents —
0:00 – Intro
1:03 – Reflectix
3:00 – Off the Shelf Products
3:39 – Window Shade Socks
4:54 – Limo Tint
6:50 – Perforated Vinyl
9:02 – Fabric and Magnets
10:02 – Car Shades (Premium)

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