Bored of lame tool reviews? Meet Makita's new Hypoid Saw.

Bored to tears with “This is the greatest new tool, watch me cut things” bobble-head reviews? This is not that.

We teardown a brand new Makita hypoid saw for woodworking. I review the construction of this saw from the inside out, complete with electrical testing and explanation of the difference between a Skilsaw Worm Gear and the Makita Hypoid. I use a microscope to show the surface and wear-in of the gears.
We also test the melting point of Makita’s plastic tool housing.
This isn’t a sales review, this is part reverse-engineering and part hacking.

What are worm and hypoid gears? skip to 8:25
Take away from gear explanation skip to 10:15
Running the saw on DC battery power skip to 28:00
How much torque does this saw produce? skip to 22:00
What oil does Makita Hypoid use? skip to skip to 17:00
What is that plastic thing on the tool power cord? skip to 2:45
What temperature does plastic housing melt? skip to 18:30
Use of microscope to inspect surface of gears skip to 12:00

Errata: OLD cars use spiral bevels they mostly changed to hypoid in the 40s. Ooops.
“It really was the point of the hypoid gear in automobiles because it allowed for lower floors and tunnels in cars.” -anonymic79

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