Breathing, The Most Important Sales Tool

When it comes to success in business, nothing is more important than being able to close a sale. But what if you feel uncomfortable, or just don’t like selling?

Alison Proffit, the resident soulful sales expert, chatted about one of her favorite tools when it comes to selling; breathing! Yep, that’s right good old and out deep breathing. While musing on this topic Alison had this to say,

“One of the most powerful tools in your sales, your sales toolbox is breathing. Because if you’re slowing down and breathing, you are actually giving that person time to speak, be giving yourself time to calm your nervous system down.

[when] You are present in the moment, and when you are present in that moment, you’re creating space for that prospect to also be present at the moment and not feel like you’re rushing them to make a decision.”

Since no business can exist without sales, calming down to make a sale makes a whole lot of sense. Alison provides a great reminder that breathing is essential to being present and when you are present with your client you can be present to close the sale!

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