Brian Beane – Live Income Shifting Presentation

MyEcon was founded in 2005 to help people conquer their financial struggles by providing tools, benefits, and education to help them Save money, Manage money, and Make money. This is the passion that drives us to create financial products that truly make a difference in peoples’ lives. We want to empower people to take control over this often stressful part of their lives.

MyEcon is a direct sales technology company providing innovative products and services designed to help people save, manage and make money. We are continuing to expand our line of products that help people with everything from budgeting and to eliminating debt and starting their own business.
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In this video you will learn the #1 LIE that is hidden in your paycheck that is allowing the government to steal from you every single pay day.

You will also learn how thousands of people across the country are shifting their income from the government’s pockets back into their own pockets and how YOU can do the same for yourself!

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