Build an Augmented Reality App to Shoot Hoops Anywhere

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On today’s show, Jim is joined by Gustavo Cordido, Microsoft developer advocate who specializes in spatial computing and extended reality. He knows the metaverse is coming and is dedicated to helping developers learn not only what it is, but how to start building apps that embrace augmented and virtual realities as building blocks towards the metaverse.

Learn more and build this yourself at .

0:00 – Intro
1:25 – Welcome Gustavo!
1:58 – What is ‘extended’ reality?
3:06 – To learn extended reality you need to understand the real world
4:43 – Gustavo gets building with Unity. y
6:39 – Placing a virtual basketball hoop in the real world
8:43 – Your phone finds the floor using magic lasers
9:23 – Virtual balls need gravity too, and Unity physics provides.
12:24 – Jim and Gustavo shoot some hoops in augmented reality
13:13 – How to learn all this? XR for Beginners. r

Presented by @Jim Bennett
Thanks to the Microsoft Archives for the loan of the classic 486sx PC.

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This show was recorded at the Microsoft Reactor in Redmond.

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