C8 Next Generation Corvette Two-Tone Stormproof Black Coverking Car Cover

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Coverking’s Stormproof Car Cover is a unique, industry leading, multi-purpose car cover that is both light weight and extremely durable. Custom manufactured to the exact specifications of your 2020-2021 C8 Corvette, this cover provides the best all around protection against extreme weather. Including substantial protection against UV rays, snow, rain and other pollutants. On top of that, this fabric requires no coatings that wear off – it’s characteristics are built-in.

Use in either indoor or outdoors. Custom designed for 2020-2021 Corvettes. Two-tone design available in red, blue or gray with black sides. Specify color when ordering.

2020-2021 Corvette Stormproof Car Covers features:

Highly water resistant and breathable fabric
Outstanding protection from the sun
Fabric is inherently protective, so the performance will not diminish
Micro-fiber fabric is soft and won’t scratch your Corvette’s finish
Ultra-compact and easy to store
Mirror pockets
Optional lock and cable attachment
Indoor or Outdoor use
4-year manufacture warranty
When it comes to car covers Corvette owners want to know their exterior will be safely protected either indoor or outdoor. Coverking has set out to make sure this is the case by creating superior Corvette car covers in fit, material properties, looks, strength, and features. Their custom fit car covers protect the Corvette’s interior from fading, block prying eyes from seeing what’s inside, prevent minor nicks or scratches, and also control the climate by keeping the interior cool in direct sunlight. Coverking Car Covers are designed with the fewest seams possible which make their custom designed car covers looks great!

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